K.A. Gale is the author of several books about health and ageing. She has had a long and varied career, beginning as a humble typist at the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. After college, studying computer science, she worked as a technical writer and Help Desk Specialist for several large law firms in Toronto. Tiring of the law and lawyers she took a break and became, in no particular order, a beekeeper, a pilot, a goat herder, a farmer, a short story writer, a textile artist, a jewellery maker and shopkeeper.

She returned to college to studying editing and creative writing. She is a past member of the Canadian Editors Association. When she began to publish articles and short stories she realised it was not getting published that was the problem, it was finding readers. She began to study marketing to improve her ability to reach out to potential readers. She now teaches other authors how to market their books online.

In addition to her books on health and ageing, she has written a number of prize winning short stories and dozens of articles for newspapers, blogs and websites.

She is currently researching a mystery novel.

She believes that kindness is one of the most important qualities we can develop. What you do matters more than what you know. The behaviour of others often depends on the kindness they find in us. In these modern times of stress and confrontation a little kindness can make all the difference.

Frigid Canadian winters persuaded her to look for a warmer climate. Katrina now lives in Portugal with her husband, her father and their dogs where they enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year.

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